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Your Rights for a Work Injury in Illinois

Attorney Rick Salmi discussing rights in filing a workers compensation claim in Illinois

If you have an Illinois worker’s compensation case remember the following information. First, be sure to report your injury to your employer. If you can get it in writing, such as by text or a written note, be sure to do that. You have three basic rights under the Illinois Worker’s Compensation Act. The first is to get your medical treatment taken care of and paid for. Now in Illinois, the injured employee gets to choose their medical provider.

The second right you have is to be paid for time that you missed from work. The concept is called TTD or Temporary Total Disability Benefits and it’s based on two thirds of your average earnings prior to your work injury. The third is compensation for the injury itself, usually called Permanent Partial Disability. If you have questions about any of these rights, please give us a call.

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