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Work Injury in Missouri

Attorney David Jerome speaking about work injuries in Missouri.

If you sustained a work injury in Missouri with a Missouri employer, you must advise your employer in writing of this work injury within 30 days. If you don’t advise them in writing, your case could be completely barred. Once you advise them in writing of your work injury, you have three basic rights. The first right is the right to medical treatment. In Missouri, the employer chooses the treating doctor. If they fail to provide you with medical treatment and abandon their right to choose the treating doctor, you can go to a doctor of your choosing.

In such scenarios, we usually recommend that you seek legal counsel. If you are seeking medical care through their doctor and you’re taken off work, you’re entitled to two-thirds of your wages for each week that you’re off work. Finally, at the end of your case when the doctor has released you, you’re entitled to a settlement based upon a percentage of disability associated with a chart that is used. If you have any further questions or further issues regarding this, feel free to contact our office.

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