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A spinal cord injury can change your life forever. Even if you are able to maintain some mobility and sensation, you may live with the pain for months or years to come. If you have been hurt due to the negligence of another person, the law in Illinois and Missouri allows you to recover compensation for your injuries. A spinal cord injury attorney in Fairview Heights, IL can help ensure you obtain the full amount of compensation you deserve.

Anatomy of the Spine

If your spinal cord has been injured, it is natural to be confused about the nature of your injury. The spinal cord and the brain are connected. Together, they form the central nervous system. The spinal cord is a network of nerves that runs down the center of the back. The spinal column consists of vertebrae that protect the spinal cord. In between the vertebrae are discs, which absorb shock, hold the vertebrae together, and allow for slight mobility in the spine.

Damage to any part of the spine will result in a serious injury. Injury to the spinal cord is the most serious and may even result in paralysis. Fractured vertebrae and slipped discs, on the other hand, may be considered less serious but can also cause severe pain for several months or years. Damaged discs can also make the entire spine more susceptible to becoming injured in the future.

What Causes Spinal Cord Injuries?

According to the Mayo Clinic, spinal cord injuries are most commonly caused by:

  • Auto accidents: Motor vehicle accidents are the main cause of injuries to the spinal cord, accounting for nearly half of spinal cord injuries every year.
  • Falls: Slip and falls may sound like minor accidents, but they are also a top cause of spinal cord injuries. Slip and falls account for approximately 31 percent of spinal cord injuries. Individuals above the age of 65 are more likely to become injured during a slip and fall.
  • Violent acts: More than 13 percent of spinal cord injuries are caused by violent acts, most commonly gunshot wounds and knife wounds.
  • Sports: Activities such as high-impact sports cause approximately ten percent of all spinal cord injuries.
  • Diseases: Certain diseases, such as arthritis and inflammation of the spine, can also cause spinal cord injuries.

Any time a spinal cord injury is caused by the negligence of another person, you should speak with an experienced attorney. An attorney can help you recover the damages you need to offset the financial burden of the injury.

The Cost of a Spinal Cord Injury

The cost of a spinal cord injury largely depends on the cause of the injury. Regardless of the cause, spinal cord injuries are very expensive, and the cost is often too much for accident victims and their families to bear. The cost of spinal cord injuries may include:

  • Auto accidents: Over $200,000 for the first year and over $30,000 for each subsequent year.
  • Violent acts: Approximately $200,000 for the first year and around $15,000 for each subsequent year.
  • Falls: Over $150,000 for the first year and over $20,000 for each subsequent year.
  • Sports: Almost $300,000 for the first year and over $20,000 for each subsequent year.
  • Other Causes: Approximately $200,000 for the first year and around $20,000 for each subsequent year.

When a person suffers paralysis due to a spinal cord injury, the costs increase even more than those listed above. A high level of tetraplegia, when there is no function below the neck, will cost over $1 million in the first year and over $180,000 in each year that follows. Paraplegia, or a loss of feeling below the waist, will cost over $500,000 in the first year and approximately $67,000 for each following year. Due to the high cost of spinal cord injuries, it is critical that you speak to an attorney who can help you claim the damages you deserve.

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