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If you’ve been trying to find a quality nursing home near you, then you may be a bit confused at where to find good information and all the choices. If you live in or around O’Fallon, IL, then here is a quick list of the potential long-term care facilities you may be interested in:
  • Cedar Ridge Health & Rehab Center
  • Lebanon Care Center
  • Lebanon Terrace
  • Caring First Nursing Home
  • Mar Ka Nursing Home
  • Aperion Care


Looking for a great nursing home can be tough. You want a place where your loved one will be safe, protected, and well cared for. But you also know that price is always a consideration. Long-term skilled nursing facilities can run upwards of $5,000 to $8,000 (or more in some places) per month. Medicare will only pay for short-term stays where a patient is likely to recover and go home soon. Therefore, the majority of long-term stays will need to be covered by either “private pay,” long-term care insurance, or Medicaid. 
When looking for a nursing home in the O’Fallon, Lebanon and Mascoutah area, you should visit the facility during regular hours, meet with the administrator and talk to staff. Pay close attention to your senses. By this we mean:
  • Do you smell foul odors that seem to linger and not go away?
  • Do you hear residents crying out for longer than a minute or two?
  • Are there residents sitting in hallways, lined up almost as though they were rolled to the hall and left there to sleep in their chairs?
  • Are there trip hazards, like frayed carpeting, floor mats, etc.?
  • Are beds modern and clean?
  • Do you hear alarms going off from time to time, and if so, do people respond to them quickly?

What You Can Learn About a Facility Online

Go to the Illinois Department of Public Health website and search by city. You can click on any facility you want, then look to the right-hand side of the page. There you can locate a list of past surveys. A “survey” is what the State of Illinois calls an investigation or inspection report. A survey is completed annually and each time someone files a complaint. You can read these documents for yourself and learn a lot about a potential facility. Take one facility in Lebanon, Illinois, for example. 
This facility was cited for letting a resident develop a preventable urinary tract infection in October 2018, and earlier in May 2018, the nursing home was fined when a nurse allegedly got into a shouting match with a disabled elderly resident, cursing at him and using vulgar statements.
If you think these are isolated and rare occurrences, think again. In fact, it’s extremely common. 
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