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Understanding Intentional Elder Abuse

Under federal and Illinois state regulations, it is not only a crime to intentionally harm a nursing home resident or hospital patient, but it can also lead to steep civil penalties from state inspectors. If a loved one is being abused or assaulted (physically or even emotionally) in a southern Illinois nursing home, call Jerome, Salmi & Kopis today. Beyond the criminal penalties, the victim and their family may be able to recover civil money damages as well.


Has your loved one withdrawn from social activities lately? Stopped eating with others? Become nervous when you visit the nursing home? Does he or she act differently when that “certain worker” comes in the room?  Does a specific nursing home employee always seem to come around when you visit, and does that person seem reluctant to leave you alone with your loved one? If so, talk to your loved one about abuse.


It is extremely hard for most seniors to discuss their abuse. They may:
  • Be ashamed or embarrassed by the abuse
  • Feel weak or helpless
  • Fear retaliation by their abuser
  • Worry that they will have to move
  • Worry that no one will believe them
  • Fear that they will disappoint their children or become a burden
It is very important to have the tough talk with a senior who is facing potential abuse. Explain that they spent their entire life fighting to keep you safe, and no it’s your turn to do the same for them.


It’s not just physical abuse, rape, or sexual assault that can plague nursing home residents. Some nursing home staff have been caught:
  • Using racial slurs to talk to residents
  • Forced work or labor
  • Violating privacy rights or forcing residents into dehumanizing or degrading situations
  • Preventing residents from having consensual intimate relationships with other competent adults or their own spouses or partners
  • Isolating residents from family, friends and others in the community
  • Belittling or humiliating residents or using corporal punishment
  • Public shaming or photographing residents against their wishes
  • Threatening residents with physical violence
  • Manipulating or exploiting seniors for money


Don’t let your elderly loved one suffer in silence. Think you need to call some big city law firm? Think again. There are attorneys in your own community who are more than qualified to take on the big nursing home companies to protect your rights. At Jerome, Salmi & Kopis, we can help to investigate the facts, obtain critical evidence, and make recommendations to help you protect your loved one. Call today to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our skilled nursing home abuse lawyers.


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