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Every case is unique, and every client is too. While we can’t promise a specific result, our clients are generally impressed with how responsive we are. Our attorneys are quick to return calls and emails, and we even use cutting edge technology to allow our clients multiple options for staying in touch, such as secure, encrypted SMS text alerts.

We go the distance for our clients and do our best to make sure that all options are explored. Maybe that’s why our clients have so many nice things to say.

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Covid-19 Announcement

Governor Pritzker has implemented a “Stay-at-Home” order. This order is to contain the highly contagious virus known as COVID-19. Due to this order, our physical office here in Fairview Heights will be closed until the lifting of the order. This will not affect the services in which we provide to our clients.

Our Attorneys and Staff will be working from home during this time, meaning we will receive your phone calls and emails. Please bear with us as we will respond to your questions and/or concerns as quickly as possible. We thank you for your understanding, please stay safe and only go into public whenever it’s absolutely necessary.

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